We made it!: WriteBetter reached the pitch finale of the eighth generation of The S factory

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It is time for #TSF8 #PitchFinale

Today! Don't miss the best startups of #TSF8 competing for 1st place at #PitchFinale!! 9 startups + 3 minute pitch + 1 winner 🤘 Follow it live right here at facebook.com/startupchile! When? at ⏰17:30 (GMT-3) #ILeadIEmpower #GirlPower #Women #FemaleFounders

Publicado por Start-Up Chile en Jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2018

After an intense period of work, all our efforts and impact generated in the TEFL community in Chile were acknowledged: we were selected to present in the final stage of the programme (pitch finale).

Only nine start-ups were selected (out of 14), all of them founded by female entrepreneurs. In only three minutes, we had to explain the value proposition of WriteBetter, why we are different from our competitors, and all the progress we have made during this period. Important agents of the entrepreneurial ecosystem were present to get to know the potential of the selected start-ups of this competition.

It was an amazing experience for us as entrepreneurs!

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